Abrams 360 Car Warning lights for car impact 6 LED strobe

Now we will be taking a look at the Abrams 360 Impact LED surface mount strobe car warning lights. It is bright enough with a good quality product. When you mount this strobe light in your vehicles, its protection from the dangers of the everyday hazards while on the road. These newest additions to setup add that extra element of safety making much more noticeable in the day and nighttime conditions.

Here LED lights with some of the newest optic technology in emergency lighting encapsulated protecting them from the elements. They are completely waterproof, heat/cold durable and strong enough. They are practically universal with their mounting possibilities and have even more versatility with their professional mounting brackets. (Sold separately but not super expensive).

Each light head comes with up to 35 selectable flash patterns in solid or split colors ranging from aggressive to defensive. They can also be synced to other multiple units. Abrams and their warning car lights have proven how incredibly durable and bright.

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Important Feature on LED Warning Hideaway Light!

Image Products Specs Price
71blZhoZClL._SL1500_ Abrams SAE Blaster 360 Brand name: Abrams
Voltage: 10-30 volts DC power source
Wattage: 18.00
Item Weight: 10.2 ounces
Dimensions: 6.3 x 4 x 3.1 inches
Bulb Type: LED
Reviews: 4.6 out of 5 stars
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Super Bright LED light:

Impressive with this super bright attention-grabbing strobes. The car warning lights bright enough with multiple patterns. Even more, each unit contains 6 Phillips 3 Watt 5th Generation super-bright high-intensity LED bulbs. Hence, LED strobe is built in great heat sink management for long life span. In fact, it is very bright even during the day in direct sunlight and is exceptionally bright at night. The warning lights will ensure that you are seen coming even in the day time. These lights produce a shockingly right light for the shockingly low cost.


Available in a variety of colors, including Blue, Red, White, Amber, Green and Purple. Every colors so standard looking. Generally, these Impact 6 LED Hideaways come in many variations of colors Amber, Blue, Red, White, Green, Purple.

Flash Patterns car warning lights:

These hideaway lights have many different flash pattern. That is built-in flasher (no external flasher needed) 21 plus selectable flash patterns combinations and sync between multiple units. Last pattern memory recall. The car warning lights also come with a wide array of selectable flash patterns form aggressive strobe patterns to more defensive, slower patterns. Here it can be synced to operate with lights to function as a unit if needed. Most of the flash patterns use both of the colors at the same time and TBT (Turn/Brake/Tail) light function.

Hideaway LED light Installation:

The car warning lights very easy to fixed almost anywhere on your vehicles, such as a bumper, housing reflector, headlight, tail light, and surface. That is well made but not used the magnet system. Although it can be installed by a screw system. This LED light comes with Black flange, Foam back piece and Installation Manual book included.

Waterproof Warning Lights:

That is fully waterproof car warning lights. Hence, the lights is perfect for an all-weather condition like foggy or raining and daytime or night. Waterproof and weatherproof ready for exterior mounting. In fact, super design with water-resistant and it’s can be fit on car front fender or another side.


Product dimensions is 6.3 x 4 x 3.1 inches. Standard Measurement is 1 ½” Diameter Base / 1” Diameter (Bulb) x 1-1/8’ H (3.81 cm / 2.54 cm x 2.86 cm). That’s why the car warning lights are very easy to use anywhere on vehicles.

Product Content:

The warning light comes with components.
  • Blaster 360 Degree LED Hide-A-Way Strobe
  • Black Flange
  • 1 x Gasket
  • Screws
  • Owner’s Manual
  • Very bright for such a small light
  • 37 plus flash pattern combinations
  • Work great on day and night
  • Easy to mount on vehicle
  • Water-resistant car warning lights
  • One watt each bulb


Do these lights still need a control box to use or does it come with one?

A: Each light head has a built-in flasher. It does not have a control box or needs a control box. However, a control box can be added.

What is the length of the cable lead on these?

A: It comes with about 6-8 feet of wire.

How are the flash combinations controlled?

A: Per light head has a flasher. You can switch the flashing patterns by simply tapping the flash pattern changer wire to the ground.

What type of portable battery can use to power this unit?

A: Any 12-volt battery will work.

How many come with each order?

A: Each unit comes with one light lead. In each light lead, there is 6 super bright LED.

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