Best Emergency Lights on Vehicles Flares Kit LED Hideaway Buying guide

The magnet tech smart flares emergency lights on vehicles roadside LED flare kit. Now, this is pretty cool because as LED is not one of those fire flares stickers that could be dangerous.

So this is pretty interesting being LED is a lot safer it’s powered by triple-a batteries. First of all, the emergency warning light on vehicles comes in nice hard plastic, it’s a hard plastic case.

Almost like something you would find in a toolbox, material like a toolbox has very heavy duty has two locks here and then once you open it.

This is what you will get here, you get two flares and they’re pretty cool looking. These Emergency lights on vehicles come with a basic paper to giving you instructions.

Emergency lights on vehicles

Pack 4

Emergency lights on vehicles

Pack 2



How to use LED lights on vehicles?

These are the flares right here and the base itself has a reflective surface. So if cars are driving, they will see the reflection coming off these.

The Emergency lights on vehicles have a few rubbers you easily could hold it the lens and these are powered by triple-a batteries. It uses a basic triple a battery back there.

Super Bright LED lights

Bright enough to get attention in the dark. The emergency lights flares are very bright and they also become a flashlight. Especially it’s bright enough during the day and night. Provide 3 different flashlights modes like Flashlight, Solid and Strobe (SOS).

Magnetic Base use of emergency lights on vehicles

The positive side of the flares can be pulled out of the magnetic base and then affixed to the car body via the magnetic. It is a magnetic base and tripod are a nice tight. The best flares can be seen at a good distance.

For Safety!

This product is small yet important to have in every vehicle. We never know when an accident will occur with ourselves or others involved.

Having even these mini flares will help protect the accident victims as well as others coming down the road. Here, the lights can be attached on the road, on top of a vehicle or even fit into the top of roadwork cones.

They come in a compact box. All you need is batteries. Purchase, pass along and be safe.

Portable Batteries

The emergency lights operate by the AAA batteries. These lights require 3 AAA batteries each but do not come with them.

Here, I’d recommend putting two of the three batteries in each unit and leaving the third loose in the case to avoid the risk of accidentally leaving the light on and killing the batteries.

How to install the battery on Emergency lights?

The Emergency lights on vehicles pretty simple to install batteries. Here you just put the negative towards the spring side and you will be okay and that’s about it then you put it down with a little stick going down screw it back up. Now you are ready to go.

Emergency lights on vehicles, how use this LED kit

So now although the two of the things that are inside the case itself are the stands. These emergency lights are two stands very easy, just stand them up on the stand and there you go take that other one stand it up on the stand.

Here, you can open these legs up to give it more sustainable. The Emergency lights on vehicles will keep them better balanced.

What it looks like and press it one time look at how cool is. That is awesome and another cool little feature about these.

They actually have a magnetic base so you can use to makes a flash and attach it to your car. Hence, have one in the back of your car or in the side of the car.

Emergency Lights Specifications

  • Product Name: Slimk
  • Batteries: 6 AAA batteries required
  • Product Dimensions: 8.7 x 5.3 x 2.2 inches
  • Product Weight: 1.03 pounds
  • Customer Reviews: 4.5 out of 5 stars
  • Super portable Emergency lights on vehicles
  • Its magnetic base LED lights
  • Bright enough, can be seen at a good distance
  • It has legs which help to more stability on standing
  • Easy to use, great quality and design
  • —–

Frequently Ask Question!

How many AAA batteries does this use?

A: 6 AAA batteries for both lights, 3 batteries each.

Do these work in the daylight?

A: Yes, they certainly are bright. They flash red, can be solid red and also provide a flashlight.

Are These US coast guard approved? Are they legal to use as the required flares for a boat?

A: No, they are not. Very few LED flares have been USCG approved, and they are very expensive search Amazon for “Marine Flares” and you’ll find what you’re looking for, but these are not it.

How do the batteries go in?

A: Twist off the bottom and you can pop them in.