Best Car Warning Light Bar Review and Buying Guide

The affordable traffic advisor light bright amazing and good quality product. In fact, the car warning light made of the durable and use of good materials. This warning light comes with suction cups so that do not require to drill into anything to keep them attached. The normal patterns are good and it has multiple directional patterns as well. See it clearly even with the sun shining towards it.

This is the 35 inches car LED light bar, it suction mounted front windshield and rear window. Although the suction mount is really hard to centre up and actually mount it. Here the car warning lightbar does come with mounting hardware and it cigarette lighter powered run.

Through tucked in between the seats and the power switch is right here this is the cigarette lighter switch for it. This turns on and then this button right here switches the modes. This light bar has eight LED blocks with four LED circles for each block. In the end too many several types of LED Emergency warning lightbar available.

car warning light

LED Strobe traffic advisor Light bar 

What do car warning lights mean?

The strobe LED is safety for emergency hazard. Unfortunately, while your vehicle facing any troubled on the road, the car warning light helps you. After that repair, you can start driving again. Even more, it is great for an emergency, safety hazard, foggy or raining.

Feature on Traffic Advisor warning light for car

Super Bright:

LED Strobe is pretty bright and has multiple great directional patterns.  Lots of different choices for light patterns. In fact, the car warning light is bright enough and very effective than standard LED light. On the other hand, the car warning light is visible during the Daytimes, Nights, Foggy days or Raining and other low visibility areas.


Here too many colors available on the car warning light bar. Such as Red, Red/White, Red/Blue, Amber, Amber/Blue, Amber/Red, Amber/White, All White, Blue/White, Blue. Every colors are beautiful with a good quality product.

Flash Patterns:

Unique 13 several flash modes with a simple press of a button. Also, it has included great directional flash patterns (Left, Right and centre out and so on). The last patterns memory recall function and easy to operate by using the power switch. Although it has 32 High-intensity LED chips with the new ultra-bright chip-set technology and wide optic lenses for maximum intensity. Further, it has a self-contained LED unit so that does not need external flasher.


Made of high-quality ABS materials for maximum brightness scratch resistant. While mounting the car warning light on a vehicle it doesn’t scratch or removes print.


That is made for the interior of your vehicle. On the contrary, it is suitable for car washes, Rainy, Snowy or Foggy weather condition. The car warning light bar is waterproof, it is perfect for any weather. That is fitting for all vehicles with a 12V power source. The final word is its waterproof shell and Universal.


car warning light

A LED strobe light dimensions are 3.5.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches. First of all, you should select what size LED you have to need and then order this product. Consequently, it is most important. There are too many types of product and several sizes.

Installation in-car warning lights:                        

The car warning light bar is easy to install. It can be mount high enough, rear window and front on any vehicles. That is bright enough to see from a distance. Here this LED is easy to install with suction cups and using the mounting brackets. Suction cups can be firmly adsorbed on the glass, 9 cups mounted on the base for easy installation. At the same time, it has adjustable angle mounting brackets and that is work great. After all very quick install to this LED light bar.

Cable & Cigarette lighter in-car warning light:

car warning light

It has includes 13 feet extension power cord for mounting on compact and large vehicles. The flexible LED light bar with long enough power cord with a cigarette lighter plug, anywhere fixed where you want. Here 2 different switch one is for ON/OFF and another is for changing patterns. The switch helps to power ON/OFF without unplugging. To be sure very easy to operate that LED car warning light.


  • Brand Name: LE-JX
  • Voltage: 12 volt DC power
  • Cable length: 13 Feet (4 meters)
  • Item Weight: 3.7 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 35.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches
  • Bulb Type: LED
  • Customer Reviews: 4.3 out of 5 stars

LED Light Include:

  • 1 x LED Strobe Light Bar
  • 1 x Controller Unit
  • 1 x Cigarette Lighter Plug
  • 2 x Mounting Brackets
  • Accessories
  • 32 high-intensity LED with wide optic lenses
  • Suction cups and adjustable mounting brackets
  • Great directional flash patterns (left, right and centre)
  • Unique flash modes and last pattern memory recall
  • Universal car warning light with 12 volt DC power source
  • Suction cups don’t work on body molding


Does it come with side L Bracket?

A: It comes with side L Bracket.

Is it possible to mount two of the light simultaneously front windshield and back window?

A: Possible but maybe risk causing damage to the wiring. What you could do is buy a DUEL SOCKET SWITCH BOX and plug them up to that.

Is it bright enough to shine through a tinted window?

A: That is bright enough to shine through a standard window.

Is this an inside light only?

A: The car warning lightbar can be used inside and outside. Because of its waterproof.

Does it come with the suction cups and mounting or just the bracket?

A: The car warning lightbar comes with both the suction cups and the mounting bracket.

Does it have a solid light setting?

A: This car warning light bar has a solid light setting. You can press the button to change.

Can I put these inside horizontal windows and have them face outside?

A: Absolutely possible.